Monday, February 22, 2010


XXXXXX:whats up with all the sad post lol,whos the girl

Matteo: no girl. thats why im sad, it's rele just my life in general, and how nothin ever goes how i want or plan...i'm taking about the big things, not the little things obviously...i'm just low right now
im goin in, and imma go hard

XXXXXX:whats not going your way

Matteo:lifeeeeee, believe me u dont wanna pick my brain right now,im unstable like more then i've ever been for absoultely noooo reason other then a revelation of being alone allll my lifeeeee
and thats like the cherry on top to just the question we all ask ourselves and that is... what am i even doin with my life

XXXXXX:lol ur not gonna be alone your only 20 but maybe you should just change some of the stuff you do,especially if u wanna meet a girl

Matteo:and im stubborn and i dont think anyone can level with me, i appreciate it really, but its like i dont wanna hear anything...i've got like 100 other things clouding up my head, and i know how to get a girl, if i wanted i could go get like 5 chicks that wanna date me ,but i cant find who i i dont even tho what i want, im a mess, and its better left alone, until something happens or i just end up a dead and alone,idk what im saying sry ,its for me and God to deal with and everyone else just has to put up with my crazy twitter crap hahaha i cant help that stuff

XXXXXX:well its understandable if u havent met a girl that you like its fine. but you got time you shouldnt worry about it that much. you should just work on your life and thing you wanna change and a girl will come along that u will like,make a list of goals that u want to accomplish

Matteo:ha like i havent, those only let me down, i fail at them, i shoot for the frickin starts and then i fail , its like my never ending personality merry go round, except its miserable instead of merry, and i know i shouldnt worry about all the girl stuff that much but for some reason right now i cant stop, i might be feelin pretty attacked haha might be...see i dont even know what i feel anymore

XXXXXX:what are some goals you have

Matteo:none. anymore im stuck in a transitioning phase, like st-stu-stuc-stuck-kkkkk and i cant stop feeling like i'm made for more then this everyday life, my nightmares are of being normal, i dont wanna be like everyone else, i feel like i cant...but i'm walking ha shit-running down that path, and i dont wanna talk about any of this, i'll figure it out, but not without hurting half the time, i gotta go take a shower, dont worry about me just pray for me espescially to stop cursing haha i've been cursing so much to myself lately haha but a lot of this has to do with my love life 2, so enjoy my one liners...maybe i should just be a singer after all cause i make up so much crap when i feel like this lol but ttyl

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