Friday, February 19, 2010

I've Got The Blues

I've got the blues, and thats a little better then being straight up depressed but not to much, either way i have been singing blues for the past few days,in my car to myself ,just singing my heart out,just making up all kinds of rele amazing songs i guess u could call them, i rele rele rele should have recorded them because they were bits of genius i'll never get back, thats what this pain will get u sometimes, it makes u wanna just sing all ur pain out to the world, makes u wanna make sad sad music, which is most times some of the best music ever, so even tho it hurts like a @$!%%, it definitely would help anyone write a good love song,and it just makes u feel better, at least while ur singing it, damn...the blues, i got the blues coming straight from my soul, crazy- peace and love

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