Friday, January 8, 2010


so i just saw avatar for the 3rd time!! haha i also saw it for the 1st time in imax which was awesome! so i just had to get on here and blog about this movie cause lets face it, its one of the best if not the best movie of all time haha. the other day somebody asked me would u rather have jessica alba or go live in hometree and i honestly have to say i would choose hometree over not only alba but anything on this whole planet except lie i wish i had that choice, i wish that tomorrow i was taking a 9 or 5 year (how ever long it was) space trip to pandora and then all the events of that movie played out in my life haha no lie...james cameron has pretty much ruined my life because this life just sucks compared to that one, and the worst part is none of it is or will ever be least not in this life, its not like any of that could ever happen to any of us...1 of the best things about this movie is just exploring this whole new world filled with so many new and very different things, i mean sure we have a moon to look at, at night time but imagine if the was another planet we could see in the sky too, all those awesome creatures and how they all connect, just such a fascinating idea, another best part of the movie is the whole flying thing, i wanna fly like that so bad, its hands down the best part of the movie. another amazing part of the movie is the neytiri least i can try to find some girl on this planet that is some what like her...the character herself is just awesome but what gets me is how alien she is, that she knows nothing of human culture or anything like that and that shes like all beastly haha those are 2 crazy qualities that would be almost impossible to find in anyone...but i bet i can find someone close to that lol i just love her innocence to our world, and in general. her love for her people and planet. idk im such a contradicting person i want nothing more to have a girl that is soooo innocent but at the same time isnt( i guess in only a sexual way haha) idk the whole romance part of the movie just makes me wish i had that same scenario in my life...but life never seems to be like that, maybe if there is just some hot girl out there that thinks exactly like me, that would help a lot lol speaking of romance i didnt really cry at any romantic scenes in this movie but let me tell u all 3 times i saw this movie i teared up around 4 times. it just doesnt get old, its crazy, when they cut down hometree, when neytiri's dad dies, when sully gives his speech, when all the ppl are dying in war,when eywa has heard you, when neytiri saves jake at the end( i guess that was a romantic one haha) but yea james cameron...titanic...need i say more, dang i sound like such a chick right now, but i have no shame, this is honestly how this movie makes me feel, every time i've walked out of the theater i just dont want my mind to leave all that is pandora, i just want think on it for as long as i possibly can haha not to mention how awesome the 3-d is and how it adds so much to the movie and how amazing those cgi graphics are, half of the whole movie isnt even real, lol and all the quotes me and my friends use from this move just to be funny lol, im thinking about goin to see it one last time before its out of the theaters and 3-d forever. but i tell u what if i ever know that im gonna die soon, after i read a deadpool comic, eat some of my favorite foods, say bye to all my family and friends and say a last prayer before i actually go meet the Lord, i wanna be laying in my death bed watching avatar, and at the end when sully opens his eyes, i will close mine and die haha wow yes really, what an epic movie, if u havent seen it, just go right now- peace and love ...and i'm just gonna honestly pray to God that He would give me a woman like just Neytiri