Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flaw #4: Stubbornness

ahhhh fianlly i get to fill this one in weelll folks its 7/15/10 and i stubbornness finally got me! so im basically in love with this girl and she is so stubborn 2 but thats beside the point, i let her into my heart and i have a dying need for affection if u cant tell and i could just not be stubborn and let that go away so that she wouldnt feel overwhelmed but instead i totally overwhelmed her and now she hates me boom end of story im gonna go cry my life out of my stomach now ,see stubborn to the end why dont u just keep posting so much crap about ur self up here so everyone can see and feel oh so sorry for u, why am i never enough, c'mon babe comeback to me, i suck and i think i wanna die k bye

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