Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i really need to blog, because my heart is about to fall out of my chest, but i just dont have enough time to this week, because i'm frickin closing all week! pray for me and bare with me through all of my emo tweets, peace and love

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 1st and The Loves of My Life

so i know its technically march 2nd right now, but to me it still feels like march 1st and honestly half this post is gonna be about feb 28th...ahh febuary how u wont be missed mainly a month about love and the opposite sex both of which are things i absolutely love but for almost this entire month i held myself back in some areas and lost control in of today i've lost all control, here is to trying again!, anyway...i cant believe we are so far into 2010 already time seems to be flying by and its of course its scaring me lol, but yea i just have to mention how amazing the weather and moon were on feb 28th, even tho this feb may have been one of the worst months of my life, what a gorgeous day we had in south florida, its was in the low 50s, sun shining, and the night was even crazier cause that moon was as full and beautiful as it gets, i just needed a girl and my day would have been perfect, nothin gets me like a full moon,love it, and honestly the day before that was amazing too, it rained all day and it was def 40 out soooo nice, this has just been one of the best winters in florida that i've ever experienced, and i just had to say all that to praise God and all the beautiful things He has made for us all His majesty,i love that weather so much, i dont know if the world has realized but we are deep within the final season of Lost! that is so epic! i also just found this new show spartacus that me and jo gotta watch, like how i just marathoned entourage...bottom line i love t.v. shows, in other entertainment earlier today i finally got to read DEADPOOL #19 its been so long since i've read a 'pool comic and it was so good ,not that everything else i've been reading hasnt been amazing, i love comic books! not to mention the art work in these books, maybe one of these days i'll send some art in, i love art! and i just got really happy a few minutes ago cause i turned on the daft punk station on pandora and its just been the best music, i just started dancing alone in my room, and i realized i should just be jammin in a european club right now haha i love dance music! and music/singing in general haha! like today at work we went to whole day without music so by the end of the day i was my own personal jukebox lol, and now i just found out that there a bunch of really good international soccer friendlies on this week, on the day that i dont have to work! im so happy i'll be able to see my italia in action! i love soccer so much! talking about italy 2 i miss it so much, but i feel rele attached to here right now, what can i say i love my friends lol and believe it or not i'll be heading back to my country very soon, i just wish i could freeze time back here lol, that doesnt mean i dont absolutely love italia, it's the 2nd love of my life! after my one and only Jesus Christ who is always here for me always working on me always comforting me, always loving me back, teaching me his ways and i love Him above all...and speaking of that if u could pray for my family, whom i love, we are all goin through a really rough time, I think God is workin in all of us, well i think im gonna go play some call of duty, cant forget about how much i love video games haha till next time- peace and love