Thursday, February 25, 2010

Matteo Petrone: Fragile, Handle With Care

wow where do i start...i feel crazy i wanna write like 10 songs, im listenin to frickin awesome rap music, makes me feel hard...but at the same time i feel terrible, i feel so much right now, tons of different feelings, im going crazy on twitter, and the funny thing this is i just cant help myself ,i dont really want the whole world to know my business, but i have word vomit, i cant stop,i have to get these feelings out somewhere, somehow, other then on here lol, idk why but tonight i feel so hopeless, my confidence doesnt exist, i dont exist, its funny cause earlier today i felt like everything was all good, i was back to my old tricked self, that thinks everything is okay when its not...i am insane, tonight i wished that i could just go back in time to when i was 12 and do my whole life different so i wouldnt end up out of my mind by age 20, but i feel like no matter what i'd do different i'd still end up nuts hahhaha everything happens for a reason...meaning everything that has happened was always gonna happen, i gotta look to the future i gotta change that , i gotta get my head on straight, i figured out a lot tonight tho, like how i have a broken heart, and a broken spirit...both which havent ever been close to being fixed,i've just been broken, ripped apart, lost hope, lost faith, discouraged,too many times, sometimes it lasted for months, it was a day after day kinda thing and it seems to be happening again for a different reason, and im revisiting past pain for no reason which all led me to figure out that im extremely fragile beacuse of all i've been through, and recently 2 more times i have broken even more, it feels like a huge deep wound just opened and i dont know how to treat it, i also figured out 1 other time someone mended my heart and made me feel great...and i was so thankful for that person and there importance in my life, but we never meant to be anything more then that...i feel like this is what i need again right now! i need a fixer...or a solution, or just jesus lol anyway pray for me, i cant get rid of these feelings or of these thoughts they plague me, they destroy me, my work ethic, my life ethic, but yea till next time- peace and love

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