Monday, February 22, 2010

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I miss my italia, her and Jesus are my only true lovers

I wonder if someone has ever thought about me all day, like I have so many times......nah who would? I don't even exist!...Welcome to my mind : )

I wanna blow your mind

Matteo Petrone = Romantic

I have intuitive aptitude but like everyone who does, I don't know how to use it. Ironic, right?

i hurt.

these children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks...or maybe we dont learn at all

what if i went to sleep and woke up the next day with a different name, different family, different friends, different life, but i'd still be me...would everything ultimately turn out the same?

Spinning (what little I have left, of) my wheels

i cant explain myself right now other then...nothing. i'll say it again, i'm not okay. i gotta fix this...

I'm sprung, how'd she get me?

I've always wished life was more simple, imagine, we all lived on a island with no houses...But I would invent the mattress

Its the weirdest thing the more tired I get,the more horny I get,and Im so tired right now

Sleeping in jeans has to be one of the worst feelings ever

I cannot leave the island

I'm waiting to be ferried onto Homo-Island, where men alone reign

I hate Ft. Pierce!!!!!!!!!

Matteo Petrone's new rule to life, never, ever get your hopes up

If I didn't have jesus livin inside of me,moments like these would be completely different and ppl would hate me

I own the streets of psl at 3 in the morning

I am nocturnal

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep...

I have horns

Matteo Petrone: never without self motive and that's sad


Why do somethings just have to be so difficult...what a mess we adults are...

So much sin, and they love it, and I love them, why can't they see, just them is enough for me

we tried something new ,and ever since, i've been livin a lie, and i'm finally starting to realize how and why

i wish i never went.

yo i should be out clubbin right now! instead im jamin in my room on pandora radio to moar ghosts n'stuff by deadmau5! sooo good!what a jam!i just got really happy,sometimes u just need to turn on some dance music n'just dance,haha i love dance music,not to mention just findin out there are a bunch of awesome soccer games on this week! soccer n' dance music were 100% created by God Himself

wow...March 1st already,will the hell that was February finally be over...probably not,i'll tell u 1 thing about this year already,everyone,should be more then excited about the FIFA World Cup! and the Final Season of Lost!

No need to worry about me ,I'm just such a romantic, all italians really are

Another cold night,spent alone,under an amazingly beautiful full moon,1 of these moons I'll share with someone, but until then goodbye moon,and maybe the next time you come around,i'll finally have someone to enjoy you with

The moon is so crazy beautiful looking right now,reminds me of pandora and of how awesome God is

Its funny how someone elses success brings pain

What a gorgeous day, I could sit outside all day

My left eye cries more then my right

Why didn't I run away when I had the chance

What I think is right, is never right

What was I ever thinking

"I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it."

This is my favorite weather,it reminds me of milano,and with another full moon tonight,I dont know if today can get any better?

So many dreams,good and bad,too many for my mind to hold,sometimes I wish I never had to wake up

this isn't right, every night i cant fall asleep, because i'm delusional

i do not exist, faithfully exist.

i wanna fly.i wanna show the world that nothing can hold me down,but my confidence is gone,o well,guess it's what got me here in the 1st place

i've never asked for much, i neeeeverrrrrrrr

Has your spirit ever been broken before?...mine has
And it takes so much to mend something so broken espescially when these wounds reopen

Let me get my ticket baby so I can stand in line

This is how I function,right now Im deranged and starvin,just feed me,and after a bit I'll come back to my senses and leave u alone forever
Or you do absolutely nothin and I try to muscle my way through ever ounce of hurt for months

I'm such a sucker, and you don't know how bad it feels

I've never been much of a pyro, but I'm officially playing with fire

I need to leave this !@#@%&! country, and never look back

She's got a hammer, and I've got a glass heart

When it comes to love, I should know better

I just hit my breaking point

Why can't I have love?

And I wanna walk around with you

i shed my skin, only to try again.

Even as broken as I am, I know Your doing this all for me

If I knew what was good for me, I'd run away from this

How did I end up like this

I don't *%$$&?!@! need this!

I am an empath

i feel like i've taken a hallucinogen drug that i cant, for the the life of me, get out of my system

I was weak, and now its time to pay for it

What the hell is wrong with meeeeeee

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