Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flaw #2: Hallucinations

so 1st off im glad to say im not as sad as i was earlier this week, seems like all of that is kinda starting to wear off, but thats not what this post is about, it's about another one of my flaws ,and it is that i am a hallucinator, if i dont go work for marvel comics or write a book or something it will be a shame because thats all i do with my life, i make up something and i trick myself into making it real and it all feels so real, i trick myself into believing it, most times with out even knowing and the love for it builds and the hype for it builds, and then when it doesnt happen i scream...WHY?!, i constantly set myself up for pain, and even tho i know i do, i still do it, just because i trick myself that much...the bottom line is i subconsciously love these scenarios i subconsciously make, i act like real life is just one big dream world, where this should happen, and that shouldnt, but im just frickin hallucinating, it gets messy in my relationships with people and im 100% sure everyone goes through this same thing, my problem is i just dont learn from it no matter how many times it happens, i get ideas about people and then thats what i begin to think about them, or how i start to feel about them, and then i end up not knowing what is actually real!!! lets say for instance i have a pre-set idea about someone already, but somehow i end up seeing another side of that person, now i have no idea which idea of that person is real or not, so i choose the best one most of the time and fake myself out every time i see them, and its just a big mess, a lot of times i'll just spend a good hour laying down thinking of different senarios that could happen with a person and how they react and how i'd react and then if and maybe when that certain scenario happens it never goes the way i saw it, i plan to much because i worry to much, i never want to get things wrong, and then i end up tricking myself into these plans and saying its all gonna go like this ,its all gonna be ok but most times its not! u know i've never thought of myself as one to have these kinda problems but there is no other word for this other then madness, some where along the way i definitely snapped and now here i am...or was that just something i hallucinated and made myself believed happened??? whoaaaaaa mmmk thats enough for tonight-peace and love

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