Monday, February 22, 2010

What a man will feel

wow so what a sunday...well i guess everything started saturday night, after work, i was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and while i was driving home i just broke out into so much tears, i couldnt even drive i had to stop and i sat in my car balling like i havent since i was a lil kid, just crying out to God, for at least an hour and a half, and i didnt wanna stop i wanted to just cry the entire night but lucky for me, matt and amy call me up to hang out and so started sunday, these 2 kids were drunk and high so i went to go meet them at wal-mart in ft.pierce around 12.30am because amy wanted to get some fish and a fish tank,but there wasnt any fish there so we went all the way back to psl(to whisky j's) and played a few games of pool and hung out, after all that around 2.30am we went to wal-mart again (but on u.s.1) in search of fish and we had a lot of fun playing with the carts, matt went in the ladies bathroom haha, and we got fish! amy bought 4 fish she named the biggest one after me ,if u know what i mean haha and the 3 other tiny ones matt haha, then around 3.45am we went to amys house to put the fish in there bowl but we ended up just chilling talking and laughing in amys bed, heather came and joined us, it was rele fun, we stayed all the way till 6.00am, then i went home and got up 3 hours later for church....u can imagine the long lazy tired day we had after wards, just went back and napped in amys bed haha and i've been goin ever since and now that it's 1.00am once again and tomorrow is monday with a nice work day from 11-4 i think i'm gonna call it a night...just gotta say God is good, and today i found out something crazy about myself, i'm addicted to feelings, even just being around them, even puttin myself through hell- peace and love

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