Monday, October 5, 2009

Matteo Petrone:A Hero At Last?

i don't know how such a terrible day becomes a beautiful night, the full moon tonight lights up the sky and my soul,it is truly a creation that shows all of God's glory! you know i thought about a lot 2 day and even tho it was probably the 2nd worst Sunday of my life...i saw God working through me, through it all and then i just forget about all the horrible feelings and just have a good laugh, the truth is, if i was anyone in the bible i'd have to say i'd be similar 2 Job, because my whole life i've trusted and worshipped God, ask for many things, that i've never been given, mainly love...and there are so many times where just for a second i was scream out why God, why do i have to endure so much suffering, and then i stop thinkin about me and i think about Him and i think about what i am doin is righteous and then i fall in love with God all over again haha and he always knows how to bring me back, i still hope 1 day like job i will get my family and my livestock and my farm back....but even if i don't ever get that i'll know i pleased God with this 1 life he's given me, and WHAT EVEN IS THIS LIFE IF WE AREN'T TRULY LIVING FOR GOD! you know even if i don't get all these things that are constantly on my heart , i may be 1 of the most miserable ppl u will ever meet but, i will never ever reject my God, because in all the pain and suffering i find my strength in Him and only Him, and i thank Him soooo much for his mercy and power to mend and save! right now i feel like dirt, like the lowest, most naked and alone feeling u can have but the 1 and only thing i have is Him...and u know what He's all i need haha and idk what else to say other then pray for peace to come over me and love to find me

btw my title is a Deadpool reference, because when i saw that title on the cover of his book i thought of my day and the man that i am myself and how me and deadpool are also very alike hahaha
i honestly don't know how to feel right now, but i do know who to trust in!
hope u all had a great day and have a great week ...oh and don't forget to check out that beautiful full moon, i think it's only gonna be out 1 more night!
peace and love- Matteo

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