Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let God Be Glorified

i'm so alone right now...and its not just about being lonely, i'm alone in how i think, im alone in how i feel , how i view sooo much, and i'm just loney cause i dont have someone to be with, sure i want a girlfriend right now but at the same time is it rele my time for that, what a distraction she would be, ur world starts to revolve around her instead of sooo much more....the crazy part rele is i choose to live this way...i could be like everyone else, but i am not everyone else! "could " is the key word, honestly my heart, my very spirit wouldn't let me be like everyone else, it wont! and in that i find a little bit of comfort, but at the same time i pray to God that He'd let this cup pass from me lol...but then i hear somethin tellin me i still have so much to for u learn, for u to do...He asks are u not already glorifying me in what u are doing? and this comforts me again, i just dont know how much more suffering i can take...but He does, He made me this way made me able to endure for His name, gave me so much patience and i just praise him for that, and i know He wont ever let me take on somethin i cant handle, that junk is in the for now i keep living this way keep praying for Him to give me what i need, keep praising His name, keep suffering, keep glorifying Him in everything i say and do, keep being alone until He finds me ready- Matteo

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