Monday, October 19, 2009

I love this weather!

wow so i completely forgot i had one of these for a few weeks lol....i guess that might happen from time to time, but anyway i gotta start this post off with the best news ever! ITALIA QUALIFIED FOR THE 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LAST WEEKEND! and in style too they tied ireland 2-2 to clinch a spot in south Africa, and then played an awesome last qualifying game against Cyprus and won 3-2 siiiiick! i celebrated all last weekend! sooo happy about that!...the u.s.a has also qualified just incase u were wondering lol

as for club soccer today a.c. Milan won their game 2-1 but they played and have been playing soooo bad and i've had enough, i want the coach fired!!!! and in January i want a bunch of new players!

oh and about all my other posts so far on this thing i think u'll be happy to know that I'm so over it lol and the Lords joy has made me such a happy man!

well anyway i'm sooo tired right now and trying to get this all out asap so i can sleep....but today was seriously 1 of the best Sundays i have ever had!
it started with the weather! last night it got cold outside in October in Florida?! so random but soooo amazing and it was cold all day today, the day started with a great church service, and an even better lunch/quality bonding time with benny, matt, and micheal...which was honestly my favorite part of today, after that i went home and did some sunday relaxing while watching that a.c.milan game i was just talkin about...sooon after i went to bennys and me benny, joseph, heather, johnny,jessenia, and matt played a great and crazy hyper singing game of dominos outside in the beautiful cold weather! it was soo fun! and that we all went out to dinner to the super buffet(Chinese buffet) which was wayyy better then i expected and way more expensive then i expected 2 lol but still a great way to pretty much end the night, vicky and amy met up with us and we tried to finish our dominos game from before but everyone was tired...johnny ended up taking the win for the day lol...

so know i'm sitting in my cold room, about to read some awesome deadpool comics which i'm gonna elaborate about in a whole nother post sometime soon lol basically 'pool is awesome!

well thats about it hopefully i'll be back on here soon ttyl
peace and love-Matteo

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